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“2020 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition” was grandly held in Shanghai

In early winter, along the Huangpu River. After adjustment and waiting, the long-awaited “2020 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition” by friends from all walks of life was grandly held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from December 9th to 12th, 2020.

At 10 o’clock in the morning on December 9th, the exhibition opened grandly. On behalf of the organizer, the China Bearing Industry Association, Zhou Yu, Chairman of the China Shaft Association, extended a warm welcome to all the guests who came from afar to participate in the exhibition, and expressed heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and experts who have supported and helped the development of the bearing industry over the years , I would like to express my high respect to the users and friends who have promoted the development of the bearing industry for a long time, and sincere greetings to the 400,000 bearing people who have always been fighting in the front line of the industry!


Zhou Yu said in his speech: Having withstood the severe test of epidemic prevention and control, the mountains and rivers of the motherland are more magnificent, and the bearing industry has reappeared with vigorous vitality. Today, the 17th China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition opens in Shanghai. Guests from all over the world meet here, products from all over the world meet here, people of insight in the industry join hands here, and a feast of bearing boutiques opens here. The China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition has witnessed the growth of the industry and concentrated its wisdom. We will present an exquisite bearing feast for friends from all over the world and guests from all over the world with more enthusiasm for work, richer investment of resources, more professional technical support, and more considerate industry services. Let us embrace development opportunities together. Work together to win the future. I also wish exhibitors a prosperous business, wish customers a rewarding experience, and wish the exhibition a complete success!

This four-day international bearing exhibition has an exhibition area of 55,000 square meters and gathered nearly 900 exhibitors. There are not only world-renowned multinational companies, but also domestic bearing companies with high influence and representing the level of the national bearing industry. They will showcase the entire bearing industry chain products covering bearings, bearing spare parts, bearing special equipment and related supporting products. 60,000 visitors will visit the exhibition, which is the best platform for business exchanges and negotiations.

The flowers are similar every year, and they become more red every year. Since 1990, the China International Bearing and Special Equipment Exhibition has been successfully held for seventeen sessions. Each session has a common feature: keep pace with development and keep pace with the times. The seventeenth exhibition is not only a display of products, but also a review of the industry for seventeen times. It objectively and truthfully records the growth of the bearing industry, so it become a vane and milestone leading the development of Chinese bearing industry!


Post time: Mar-10-2021